Are You Still Natural?

Are You Still Natural if You Color Your Hair?

 As you can see, our model has six weeks’ worth of new growth. Her color is retouched every 6 to 8 weeks using Chi Ionic Color. Chi Ionic Color is a professional hair color system that is PPD and ammonia free,The rich Silk Crème Base with moisturizing ingredients deliver rich, vibrant and most important longer lasting results. 100% Ammonia Free, instead a special ceramic technology is used that allows the color molecules to adhere to the hair. The Chi Ionic Color system also contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, that will maintain, and in some cases, improve the condition of the hair.

Our model’s hair is healthy and well maintained as evidenced by her before look. ( defined, elongated twist out). Our model achieved her healthy and hydrated hair by using great well balanced products , which boasts a philosophy of supreme hydration, curl definition, elongation and overall promote healthy, strong and vibrant hair.

Our model, with her new growth, has two different formulations for her custom-blend color. We’ve been mindful to cover all of her grey hair ,(especially around her hairline) to evenly and uniformly distribute the color product. Once her new growth was covered, her hair color was allowed to process. Our model’s hair is then blow dried with the aid of a heat protectant and given a small trim to provide a sleeker look. As you can see, the trim is not drastic; only the scraggly ends are cut, allowing for body and movement. (Remember that healthy hair can be maintained by trimming ends periodically!)

First we use, an ultra-light leave in lotion that helps to bring vitality back to hair. It provides hydration and is a curl-enhancer with fabulous slip. It’s also great as a detangler, helping to reduce frizz and split ends . Most importantly, it’s the first step of the hydration process.

Next, we applied a rich Hydrator. This product provides extensive moisturization, infusing the hair with ultimate Hydration.

The next step in our hairstyling process involves applying a multifunctional styling cream that puts control and longevity back into your hairstyle.

The benefits of the hydration was then sealed in using a little natural oils. The model’s hair was twisted, rodded and dried. Lastly, the model’s hair is un-twisted, styled and fluffed.

And here we have a beautiful color retouch. Are you still natural after permanent hair color? Let us know in the comments section!


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