We care for the natural hair.


Nubian Hair Studio, a full-service salon in the heart of the Bronx, was simply created out of a love for and deep understanding of natural hair.

After noticing that an increased number of Bronxites—both men and women—were looking for alternative hair styling options without leaving their borough, Nubian Hair Studio was established, soon becoming a destination for those with natural hair styles. The stylists at NHS—who all boast natural hair themselves—practice what they preach consistently: that proper maintenance, education and diligence is key when dealing with hair and its care.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of a steadily-growing natural hair population in New York, NHS provides over twenty years’ of stylist experience and specializes in braids, locks, and twists, in addition to relaxers, color, and weaves.

Proving that you can indeed find competent, professional hair care in the Bronx, Nubian Hair Studio is a one-stop shop for a plethora of natural hair care needs.

"It is my considered opinion that the hairdresser is the most influential person in any community. When the public goes to a hairdresser, something happens to them. They feel safe, they relax. The hairdresser knows what their skin is like under the makeup, they know their age, they don't have to keep up any kind of pretense. People tell a hairdresser things they wouldn't dare confess to a priest and they are open about matters they'd try to conceal from a doctor. When people place their secret lives in the hairdresser's hands, the hairdresser gains an authority few other people attain. I have heard hairdressers quoted with complete conviction on art, literature, politics, economics, child care and morals. I tell you that a clever, thoughtful, ambitious hairdresser wields a power beyond comprehension of most people."

- John Steinbeck